Some Fast Facts About the Hotels in Santa Ynez Valley

17 Sep

If you go north about more or less 45 minutes of drive in Santa Barbara in California, there you will see a river valley you call the Santa Ynez Valley. If you look at the east flank of the valley, there you will see the San Rafael Mountains while the Santa Ynez Mountains are what you see at the west flank of the valley. In this valley, you can check out the town that has a Danish style feel to it you call Solvang. For the most exquisite wine tasting experience, you can check out Los Olivos that has great storefronts as well Buellton that is a town of commerce. There is also the small community they call Ballard and Santa Ynez that is located near the Chumash Casino Resort. Find the best Santa Ynez hotels or check out Mirabelle Inn for more details.

When you are going to be visiting this valley, make sure to consider living in the many Santa Ynez hotels and other accommodation options that this valley offers. Solvang is basically the largest city the valley offers. Having more than 5,000 as their population, this is the place that has a lot of lodging options and Solvang hotels amounting to over 700 guest rooms all in all. Solvang has become a popular destination choice among tourists making more than a million visitors go to it very year. Even so, there are other valley communities that will be able to give you a wide range of lodging options.

With the village having a Danish theme, if you look at most Solvang hotels, you will see that their room interiors and exteriors are inspired by the Danish. Solvang is one of those rare places where its shops are just located in walking distances from their more than 150 shops intended for arts and crafts, gifts, antiques, apparel, restaurants, wine tasting rooms, and bakeries. The city is also home to historic landmarks, three parks, and four windmills.

There is no better place but Solvang when it comes to serving as your base to which you can check out various areas and attractions of the valley. Within 10 miles of the entire Solvang, you see more than 30 wineries there. If you want to stay in this city, your options of Solvang hotels and bed and breakfasts are many. Most big hotels in Solvang are just within the main street of the town you call Mission Drive.

The city Santa Ynez also has a number of lodging and accommodation options. Santa Ynez hotels are more affordable than Solvang hotels. The Chumash Casino Resort is located south of Santa Ynez if you want to stay in a more enjoyable and never dull place. This particular hotel has a four-star diamond rating having over 100 rooms and guest suites. Read more on accomodation here:

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